Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's amazing what a bargain Iceland is right now, especially in the off season. The krona is worth half of what it was when my guidebook was published, so you basically get Iceland half price of what it normally is! ($25 hostel bed instead of $50) When I arrived I was surprised the airport brought up their current situation...

Downtown Reykjavik:

View from Hallgrimkirkja church:

Inside Hallgrimkirkja church:

Parliament (Althing) in action:

David (my new German friend) helping Mr duck try one of the famous hot dogs:

Original Icelandic sagas at the Culture House:

The National Gallery of Iceland:

Solfar and the harbor:

Here are pictures from around town...

Kids dressed up for the Icelandic equivalent Halloween. (they sing for candy)

They sure love their Skyr! (It's a thick yogurt)

Mr Duck at Tjörnin, the big pond downtown:

Sun in my eyes...

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