Tuesday, March 3, 2009


These pieces were all inspired by Iceland! Please click on the image to enlarge...

I drew this at JFK waiting for my flight to Reykjavik.

This is a very abstracted landscape of Iceland in winter. Just to give you a point of reference, here is a picture I took out of the window of a bus during a snowstorm...lots of white:

Here's the next drawing...

This was inspired by a beach at Jokulsarlon. I loved the play between the black beach, the white snow, and glassy chunks of ice. Here is a picture from that beach:

And here is the next drawing...

So, I LOVE glaciers. (I drew about glaciers a couple years ago, and if you're curious you can see my musings and drawings on the subject here.) So it was a big goal of mine to visit Vatnajökull (the biggest glacier outside the polar ice caps) while I was in Iceland. The experience of hiking along this massive glacier with no other person in sight was really humbling and awe inspiring. When I stared into the ice it overwhelmed me how inconceivably old, powerful, and massive it is. I felt like I was just looking into forever...this is my attempt to draw about the experience.

Icelandic is such an intriguing language, I really wish I wasn't so terrible at pronouncing it! (In an old drawing of mine my heart speaks Icelandic.) Although I'm hopeless at speaking it, I still find it fascinating. Here I copied from the opening chapters of the famous Laxæla Saga.

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  1. I love that abstract paint-chip landscape! The dots of glue look like thumb prints. It's modernist and handmade and beautiful.

    In response to your payphone drawing: